Glen Campbell

I'm an amateur photographer based out of Seattle, Washington. I was born in Texas but I've lived in various places my adult life, including Ascot, England, and San Jose, California.

I became interested in photography while in college; one of my professors was an avid amateur photographer who was seriously into large-format cameras; he had an 11x17 camera whose bellows could extend out nearly 10 feet. That, in turn, got me interested in Ansel Adams, and I purchased a camera with one of my first paychecks after starting my first job once I completed school. 

I've been lucky enough to travel more than the average American; I lived in the United Kingdom from 1996-2000, and this permitted me to travel across much of Europe and Africa. I moved from there to California, then to Texas, and finally to the upper-left of the USA, where I am today.

My gear has varied over the years; my first camera was a Pentax K1000, like so many others. I currently use Sony Alpha stuff for my hardcore landscape and portrait work, and a couple of Fujifilm bodies for street and candid photography. There's also a Leica Q2 that I keep in my backpack for work.

I've maintained a blog for years; it doesn't have much photography-related but I suspect I'll be updating it from time to time. 

Feel free to use the "Contact" link in the left-hand column to get in touch. 

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